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Hinckley Scouts Shooting Success

Hinckley Scouts Shooting Club achieved exceptional results at the 40th Scouts National Rifle Championships 2016, and we are proud of it.

Our club was formed in 2003.  We have our own airgun range in Burbage, where we provide regular badge training sessions for Scouts, and more frequent coaching/training sessions for those who choose to join Shooting Club.  We have taken part in National Scout Rifle Championships since 2004, we also take part in other local and national events.  A few of our members have qualified for and joined the Scouts National Rifle Squad.

The National Scout Rifle Championships have 4 core events and many optional events.  The core events are; 6yd Rifle, 6yd Pistol, Field Target, Reactive Knockout.  Optional Events include; 10m Sporter Rifle, 10m Precision Rifle, Advanced Field Target, Small Bore Rifle.  Events are all for individual shooters, but there are also aggregate event and team awards.

The championships are held at the National Shooting Centre at Bisley, around 750 Scouts from all over the UK take part each year.  Part of the National Shooting Centre becomes a Scout camp for the weekend.

Hinckley Scouts Shooting Team at Bisley 2015

We took a team of 19 young people, plus instructors and guests, and hoped to bring home some medals.  Everyone enjoyed the shooting and the atmosphere of the Championships. Once the shooting was over and the event scores were published we assembled in the Lord Roberts Centre for the presentations.  This year awards were presented by Tim Jeffery  (Tim is a Team GB Paralympic Shooter who began shooting and developed his skills with Scouts, 2 year ago he was shooting at the Championships). Our individual results were better than expected, but some of the special cups, trophies and team awards were an amazing surprise.  We brought home:

Hinckley Scouts Shooting Trophies from Bisley 2016

Target Sprint Class B – Bronze Medal – Jacob Bassford

6 Yard Air Rifle (Under 14) – Gold Medal & Ken White Memorial Trophy – Ashlyn Simmons

6 Yard Air Rifle (Under 14) – Bronze Medal – Rebecca Horsler

6 Yard Air Rifle (18+) – Bronze Medal – Jack Cousins

Main Competition Aggregate Total (Under 14) – Gold Medal & Chief Scout Trophy – Rebecca Horsler

Main Competition Aggregate Total (Female Under 25) – Gold Medal & Ladies Plate – Rebecca Horsler

6 Yard Air Rifle – Team Event – Gold Medal & Webley Scott Shield – Charis Bull, Rebecca Horsler, Edward Shipley, Ashlyn Simmons

6 Yard Air Pistol – Team Event – Silver Medal & George Stanley Cup – Rebecca Horsler, Jacob Bassford, Ashlyn Simmons, James Cannam

Junior Connaught – Gold Medal & Junior Connaught Trophy – Rebecca Horsler, Ashlyn Simmons, Jacob Bassford

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