14 – 24 Team

The new name for Explorers and Network

The Explorer and Network Section are led and managed by the 14 -24 Team Leader. Each unit has a section leader who is responsible for a number of Assistant Section Leaders and Section Assistants. The Explorer and Network units function in a similar way to the way the sections in a scout group operate except that all sections are the same age range and are managed directly at a district level.


Team 14 – 24 Lead Volunteer


Team 14 – 24 Administrator

Laura Baines

Explorer Leader – Unit 1st

Rebecca Goodson

Explorer Leader – Endeavour

Liam Hooton

Explorer Leader – 11th Hinckley

Fionna Shilladay

Explorer Leader – Stoke Golding

Martin Oliver

Explorer Leader – Stoney Stanton

Sarah Annan

Explorer Leader – Unit Hope