District Service & Support

Everything we do to help young people achieve skills for life

Scout Districts exist to provide direction, guidance, line management and support to Scout Groups. Support can be in lots of different forms whether it’s just being a friendly team to talk to when things aren’t working or even when they are; to organising large scale events or taking on some of the administrative burden that inevitably comes with running a charity.

We’re really proud of what we are able to offer in Hinckley Scouts and we are continuously striving to do more to support the leaders delivering fantastic programmes and life changing opportunities to young people in our community.  

Our Vision

By 2025 we will have prepared more young people with skills for life, supported by amazing leaders delivering an inspiring programme.

How Hinckley District helps groups achieve this

  • Networking opportunities to share best practice and ideas with other volunteers
  • Practical skills events for adult volunteers
  • Young Leader provision
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • A funded Growth & Development Officer to help with adult & youth recruitment
  • Large scale events for young people
  • A regular youth forum where young people can have a voice and shape their Scout experience
  • International opportunities for young people to meet Scouts from other countries and cultures
  • Operation one Activity Centre where young people can experience the great outdoors and the thrill of a night away from home
  • Adventurous activity equipment to support a high quality and exciting programme
  • Four specialist Active Support Units who can provide activity, programme or logistical support
  • A Scout shop that provides uniform and badges at affordable prices
  • Health & Safety guidance and advice
  • Awards and recognition to ensure all our volunteers are properly thanked
  • A vetting and appointments process to ensure we have the right people in the right roles and new volunteers are given a warm welcome
  • Financial support through our leadership development and inclusion funds to ensure everyone has access to Scouts
  • Free digital tools and infrastructure to support volunteers in carrying out their roles
  • The opening of new provision and support with recruitment and growth

We also pay for the following services on an annual basis for to cover all our groups and save them money

  • Additional Insurance for non-members

MeetTeam Hinckley

We’re keen to help, so if there’s anything you ever need – just let us know!